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    About KEATING


Our Story

In 1975, Patrick Keating opened the doors of Keating & Associates as an insurance company. Soon after, he realized that his clients, primarily business owners and entrepreneurs, would benefit from more than just insurance. The company expanded to offer comprehensive financial services, including investment management through Raymond James, our Broker Dealer.

Since then, our company has expanded to include 30+ advisors located across the country. Our various advisor brands have continued to grow and change over the years, and this has provided our company with yet another opportunity to evolve. To enable our advisor partners to best serve their clients, we provide a highly skilled and capable staff support team that they, and their clients, can count on. We believe this is what sets us apart from other financial services providers, and we are proud to offer these essential services through our new brand, KEATING.

Who We Serve

KEATING’s focus is on our advisor partners’ success. We are dedicated to supporting our advisor partners’ business strategies, as well as taking care of the day-to-day operational tasks required, so that they are left doing what they do best: helping clients to reach their goals. Our belief is that as long as we are providing exceptional service to our advisor partners, we are positioning them to provide their own exceptional service and expertise to their clients.

How We Serve

Each of our affiliated advisor partners serves a diverse range of clients. Each group has different, and equally important, needs. Our highly skilled and experienced staff cultivates relationships with our advisor partners to help best serve each individual client. As an entrepreneurial company, we have worked hard to create a culture where work-life balance is not only expected but encouraged. Our goal is that this provides our advisor partners with the freedom to serve their clients, and themselves, holistically and completely.

Keating and Associates has been here from the beginning of our history. It remains one of our largest advisor team brands, and these advisors will continue to serve their clients as they always have. To learn more about our family of advisor brands, visit our brand story page. 


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