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About Us

We are a relationship-driven financial services firm offering comprehensive financial planning, investment management and insurance services. We care about you, the individual with hopes and dreams, above all else. 

What Sets Us Apart

We are a company that believes in doing the right thing. We are a company built on a set of core values which establish our steadfast foundation. And we are a company that values above all else - individuals and the relationships we foster.

About Us

Patrick Keating founded Keating & Associates in Manhattan, Kansas in 1975 on the basic premise that our work is never transactional; it is always relational. The firm found it’s beginnings in the insurance industry, and over the years discovered a client need for more. More information, more support, more services.

After listening to and learning the increasing needs of clients and embracing the changes that would accompany those dynamic needs, Keating & Associates expanded to offer more comprehensive financial services.

Today, more than 45 years later, as our company has grown into seven additional cities across the Midwest, as well as into the Pacific Northwest, we're still focused on the people we are so fortunate to encounter, and establishing relationship-driven client connections that go beyond typical investment management services.

How We Work

Our charge stretches farther than basic financial planning. We take a holistic view of how every aspect of finances impact our clients lives and those of their families.

We serve a diverse range of clients – from those living in a fixed income situation to those with abundant wealth, and everyone in between. We serve clients just starting out in their careers or businesses to those living well into their retirement.

We are Keating & Associates and we are here to serve you.

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