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It’s difficult to think about tomorrow when you’re working to keep a business growing today.

Your business is your legacy. And while the present may take precedence, you don’t want to neglect the important decisions that must be made regarding the future.

When it comes to a well-run business, succession planning is critical. Not only do you want your business to thrive after you’ve moved on, you want the people at the heart of the business to thrive as well. Empower them – whether they are family members, business partners or potential buyers from the outside – with a plan. A solid succession plan can help keep the relationships and the legacy you spent a lifetime building intact.

Keating & Associates will help you design a strategic plan that maximizes the financial potential of your business, which can help maintain the relationships among family members and business partners. We can advise you on using life insurance and disability insurance to help support your company should something happen to you. And if and when you’re ready to sell your business, we can create a plan that provides clarity and covers all the elements necessary to bring the transition to a successful conclusion.

You’ve spent a lifetime building a successful business. Let us help you build a succession plan designed to work for everyone.

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Life Insurance

Life insurance may be used in a variety of ways when it comes to transferring your business to a successor. Of course, it can be used in the traditional sense to purchase a partner’s interest at death. But it may also be an important, tax-advantaged cash accumulation tool to help provide the funding for a living buyout or transfer.

Disability-Income Insurance

Should a partner or co-owner become disabled, a well-designed disability plan can help provide protection for both the partner’s interests and your own. Without it, you may be left with the double burden of the partner’s income needs and the loss of his or her contribution to the company. Disability planning can help you ensure that your partner continues to receive payment and, if necessary, that you have the means to buy out his or her share of the business.

Selling Your Business

When it comes to the difficult decision of selling your business, we can make the process less daunting and more tax efficient. Our team has the experience to help you clarify why you want to sell, identify who you might want to sell to, determine the value and most effective method for selling, and finally facilitate an action plan for the sale. We’ll guide you every step of the way to help ensure that your goals and objectives for selling your business are met.

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