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  • Pat Keating explaining financial services to clients

    Employee Benefits

Simplifying employee benefits for you.

Our team at Keating & Associates aspires to keep things simple for all of our clients.

Small business owners have a unique challenge in offering employee benefits. Our team can help alleviate some of those challenges providing you more freedom to focus on the daily functions of running your business.

With expertise in retirement, flex-savings, group health and voluntary insurance planning, our team is equipped to handle all the details. Partnering with several providers allows us to custom-tailor an individualized plan for your company. Once those plan details are in place, we handle enrollment and management of the plan on your behalf.

Take good care of your team, and they’ll take good care of your business.

Talk with an advisor

Let us help position your business for a confident future.

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Connect with our staff

We are supported by the most dedicated staff in the business.

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Pensions/Retirement Planning

We are able to customize plans, educate employees and handle plan administration.

Retirement plan advisory

Our team uses powerful technology to build customized risk profiles for each of your employees, providing them timely and accurate investment data as well as personal guidance.

Cafeteria plans**

These plans allow employees to set aside a portion of their pre-tax salaries for specific benefits. We provide plan administration and support.

Voluntary insurance**

An easy way to expand your benefits package at no cost to your company. We will partner with you to determine if this is a benefit you should consider.

Group health insurance**

We will coordinate and administer your plan. Partially self-insured plans as well as health savings accounts available.

**Services offered by Keating & Associates and are not endorsed or affiliated with Raymond James Financial Services. 

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