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At Keating and Associates, we want your future to be bigger than your past. We understand the stress many advisors face with day-to-day operations, and we want to offer a solution. Gone will be the days of spending hours on paperwork, worrying about changes in regulations, and administrative duties. We offer you a team of professional staff that will assume these responsibilities, so that you are left doing what you do best, 100% of the time.

We understand the apprehensive feelings that often accompany the prospect of transitioning your business. The service offerings that our professional team provides are uniquely designed with the transitioning advisor in mind. Our highest priority is that a transfer of business to Keating and Associates is as seamless and simple as possible, for both the transitioning advisor and their clients.

What We Offer: Freedom

Are you ready to experience more freedom while still being able to grow your business? At Keating and Associates, we provide our advisors with the freedom to choose. You will be able focus on your clients and build important business relationships, while at the same time have the freedom of uninterrupted free time with friends and family because of the team we offer you.

We are a company that values, above all else, individuals and the relationships we foster. We want to help you reach your goals. We are a company built on a set of core values – excellence, teamwork, and abundance mindset – and these are what drive our future. Join us!

Raymond James Logo

Keating & Associates is very appreciative of the steadfast support that Raymond James provides serving as our broker/dealer.

Our shared philosophy that "the right advice starts with a trusted relationship" aligns our companies exceptionally well. We are proud to partner with Raymond James.

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