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Your future is up to you – with our help. Let us help you think strategically about your financial future with solid financial planning advice.

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Sometimes living life gets in the way of planning for it. We’re so busy building our careers, giving back to our communities and taking care of our families that we forget we need to think strategically about the future – what we want for ourselves and the people and causes we care about. Financial planning and taking the reins of your financial future can be empowering.

And while it’s up to you, we can help. Keating & Associates offers an array of services that will help put you on course to make your financial future bigger than your past. Our team will take care of your personal financial planning, investment management and insurance needs with individual, customized offerings.

We offer the expertise, tools, products and relationships to create your comprehensive, customized plan. Our firm doesn’t see you as just another number or another portfolio. We see you for the person you are and the future you envision.

Services for Individuals

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