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Are you limiting your vision for the future?

You have goals you want to accomplish and a wish list for what tomorrow should hold – and the professionals at Keating & Associates can help you plan for it all.

After more than four decades of working with individual clients, we’ve determined which financial planning tools are typically the most useful. So we’ve developed a system, our Future Success Builder™, designed to help us develop a financial snapshot of where you are and draw a map for where you can go.

We’ll analyze the financial challenges you face, the opportunities you should pursue and the practices you’ve already implemented. Our team will look at each area of your financial life, and make informed recommendations guided solely by your goals.

We’re not about selling for our benefit. We’re about planning for your future. As a result, we will work with your other professional advisors – at any and every stage of the process – to coordinate your overall financial plan.

Future Success Builder™ is a trademark of Keating & Associates.

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The 5 Steps of the Future Success Builder System


Step One: Evaluate & Reflect

We begin by introducing you to our services, our capabilities and who we are as a company. We also use this time to get to know you, your goals, your concerns and to ask the “three-year question” – where do you want to be in three years? Based on your answer, our team will help establish your “wish list” of important items to address for the near and long term.

Step Two: Understand

Next, we review your “wish list” together in detail and begin determining which items should take precedence and which strategies are most suited to your unique goals and the needs of your family. Once we’ve defined what’s most important to you and the methods you’re comfortable with, our team will create an action plan, or “priority list”, to guide the planning process.

Step Three: Design

With your goals outlined and your priorities established, we’ll begin analyzing each of your needs individually in light of your concerns and objectives. Based on our assessments and your “wish” and “priority lists”, we’ll make recommendations – including specific tactics and investments – and present our formal financial plan for your approval.

Step Four: Implement

Once we’ve made any necessary adjustments and you’ve given us your approval, it’s time to put your plan into action, employing the solutions we’ve discussed and coordinating with your other professional advisors, including attorneys and CPAs. This ensures that your plan proceeds smoothly with little effort on your part.

Step Five: Manage

After we’ve implemented your plan, we’ll track its progress carefully and communicate with you often to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Should your family’s goals or situation change at any point, we’ll quickly revamp your lists and revise your plan accordingly.

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