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Our Brand Story

As we’ve grown and evolved over the past 45+ years, we’ve set our focus on serving advisors. Our passion is helping our advisor partners achieve great freedom of time, money, relationship, and purpose. For this to be possible, we provide a highly skilled and dependable staff team that our financial advisor partners can count on. We believe this is what sets us apart, and we believe that this spirit is encapsulated by all that our new brand stands for. We are KEATING.

The services KEATING provides have a proven track record among our network of financial advisor partners. These teams span across the country, from our headquarters in Kansas to our offices in Washington and Illinois, each with their own client base, specialized services, and individualized needs. No matter how unique each of our advisor teams are, they all have the same goal: helping their clients reach their goals. We believe that the best way to support the teams within our family of brands is to empower them with the freedom to pursue what is most important to them and their practice.

We are continuously working to expand our network and share the Four Freedoms with more and more advisor teams through the support we offer at KEATING. We also are excited to continue to grow our staff team, provide opportunities for professional development, and deepen our capabilities within KEATING. As we look into the future, it is our core values and culture that we will continue to rely and reflect on, and we hope to share these with you.

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