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Larry Weigel

The Medicare Coach ™

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Larry Weigel

About Larry

Larry joined the team at Keating & Associates in 1989 in a financial planning and insurance role. As his client base aged, he discovered a need for education and information in the Medicare arena. After internet searches proved fruitless, Larry decided to dig deeper in trying to navigate the complexities of Medicare for his clients.

In 2009, The Medicare Coach™ was officially established.

Today, The Medicare Coach team has grown substantially. They are genuinely concerned with simplifying a complex system and making the abundant choices easier to understand. They focus on process, not product and have found great success in Medicare money saving strategies for their clients.

Larry is most appreciative of the flexibility and resources he received at Keating & Associates which allowed him to establish and develop this service.

Larry and his wife Kay have lived in Manhattan since the early 60s and they define their community with one word – Manhappiness. Larry and Kay enjoy music and gardening, as well as frequent visits with their adult children and grandchildren.

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