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    Life Insurance

Life, disability and long-term healthcare insurance protect you and your loved ones.

Safeguarding your assets against circumstances outside of your control is an invaluable way to protect your life's work, as well as your loved one's futures. 

Life, disability and long-term healthcare insurance are viewed not only as protection, but also as potential wealth-building vehicles that help complement investment portfolios.

We take a comprehensive approach to putting those safeguards in place. We contract with many reputable agencies so that we may custom design a plan that will cohesively work with your portfolio, as well as meet the needs of those you care about the most. 

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Our advisors are also licensed insurance agents. We are well-equipped to arrange your long-term needs. 

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Our staff are available to answer your questions. 

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Life Insurance

Do you know the appropriate amount of life insurance you will need to fulfill your legacy? 
Do you wonder sometimes if you have enough? 
We can review what you currently have and determine the best path forward to ensure that your family and the causes that are important to you are well-protected after your passing. 

Long-Term Care Insurance

Assisted living, nursing and home healthcare costs are on the rise. If not properly insured, you and your family could be at risk when faced with any number of situations requiring these services. We offer long-term care insurance options to help mitigate those risks. 

Disability Insurance

The consequence of losing a household income due to disability can be devastating to a family. We have options to help protect against that risk and ensure your household is able to recover should the unexpected occur. 

Insurance services may be offered through Keating and Associates, Inc. or Raymond James.

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